Premium Flat Wiper Blades - 2 Pack

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  • The Premium Flat Blade is a Motorcraft® product strength offering a modern, aerodynamic replacement blade at a very attractive price
  • Provides substantially increased pressure point resulting in continual, uniform pressure across the entire blade
  • Virtually streak-free performance throughout the life of the blade
  • Modern, aerodynamic low-profile design results in an excellent appearance
  • Blade is constructed of natural rubber with precision cut edge
  • Two front wipers for the price of $31.99
  • Make sure to select your correct length
  • One-piece design eliminates areas of snow, ice and road debris which clog wipers
  • Arm is steel mono-beam constructed
  • 1 to 3 clip fasteners for each blade ensures broadest coverage
  • Provides 99% coverage rate of all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
  • Provides 96% coverage rate of all make vehicles